Girls of Pearls

Mission/Vision: To empower young ladies to believe in themselves and Christ Jesus.

Single’s Ministry (Singles with a Purpose)

Mission/Vision: Educate singles on being content while single, learn how to deal with everyday issues as singles, growing in God and being about his business. Understand priorities in the kingdom of God as a single.

Women’s Ministry

Mission/Vision: To empower the women of GNH, to become intimate with Christ as a lifestyle. To provoke the younger women to look inward to the heart of God instead of to people/men.

Couple’s Ministry

Mission/Vision: The couple’s ministry is committed to empowering couples to build lifelong marriages through biblical principles and Christian fellowship.

Intercessory Prayer

Mission/Vision: To assist the people of God in developing a prayer life that will manifest open and immediate power in the Church, therefore pouring over into our personal prayer life, home, jobs, etc.

Recovery Ministry

Mission/Vision: To equip each individual with necessary tools that will allow them to remain restored, healed, clean and free from hurts, pains, and addictions.

Men’s Ministry

Mission/Vision: To rebuild the man of God, doing his construction, stating the structure of the man of God.

Young Adult Ministry (YAM)

Mission/Vision: To uplift and encourage young adults to demonstrate the love of Christ as we spread his word throughout the world. Work with one another to build and grow spiritually in Christ.

Male Mentorship – MUSCLE

Mission/Vision: The expectation of MUSCLE is to have a positive and open environment for the teenaged male to express himself, get answers to questions, and learn biblical principles that assist in the navigation of their day-to-day living.

Youth Ministry

Mission/Vision: Committed to empowering our youth to live as disciples of Jesus Christ. We are committed to developing and nurturing our youth to follow Jesus Christ and to live as His disciples today empowering them to serve others and to work toward Christian values.

Usher Ministry

Mission/Vision:To ensure that church services are not disrupted, and that members and visitors are greeted with love and affection. Always prayed up and watchful.

Greater New Hope Missionaries

Mission/Vision: To share in and learn from cultural experiences of our brothers and sisters around the world. By sharing in the faith, work, and culture of those who welcome GNHM, these experiences will become life-changing moments and cultivate a deeper understanding spiritually, educationally and mental formation. These experiences will integrate the values of the Gospel and the social teachings of the Church, and encourage change in the lives of those around us.

HOPE Ministry (Helping Other People Evolve)

Mission/Vision: Help to care about the needs of others and have genuine love for the ones we serve. Bring hope to those less fortunate and spread the love of Jesus.

Street Ministry

Mission/Vision: Bring the hope and love of Christ to the city and win as many souls to Christ as possible.

Sick and Shut-In/Bereavement

Mission/Vision: To minister to those in need, whether home or in the hospital. Go beyond to pray with, comfort, sympathize, encourage, love, support, and fellowship with those unable to attend services and functions.